This site details the "de Peyrecave de Pomès" and "de Peyrecave de Lamarque" families who have common ancestry traced back to the 1500's in the Béziers region in the South of France.

Hello Friends, Family and welcome guests! Thank you for visiting the de Peyrecave family website. This site is constantly under development, so please feel free to add comments, updates and news from wherever you are in the world so we can build up a global picture.

We have had some interesting contact from distant relatives and not so distant relatives in the past and it is hoped that with the development of this new site we can enhance the family ties across the world. We have also set up a de Peyrecave Community page on Facebook which I hope you will take time to visit.

The de Peyrecave site will try to keep up to date with our family news and events. We'd love to hear from you, especially if you are a "de Peyrecave" and been out of touch with the family and we hope you enjoy our website!

We are developing and correcting the Genealogy as more details come in from people so any historical facts, errors, documentation or photos of ancestors or current family members, please let us know, send through copies so that we can share this information before it is lost.

The DP Duo Cycle Car built by Louis F de Peyrecave  and Duo Cars Ltd in 1912 More information also available provided by Simon Skudder on his website.